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Stay consistent and motivated with weekly group coaching calls

12 Weekly Calls

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Keep Results Going

Neuroplasticity training requires repetition and consistency. How will you stay on track?

With re-origin® weekly coaching sessions via video call, you can ask your questions and stay accountable to the work until you’re back to 100%.

“Everybody became each other’s cheerleader!”

“Every Wednesday night, I participated in the group coaching session and they were really wonderful because it was super positive. It focused on what was going well in your life! Also, hearing everybody’s experience was really great and seeing everyone’s progress. I think that’s really encouraging. Everybody became each other’s cheerleader, which you need when you’re going through this. You definitely need those cheerleaders, those champions that are going to push you through!”

Theresa G.

Benefits of Momentum Sessions Include:

  • Increased accountability and consistency
  • Improved program understanding & adherence
  • Be part of an uplifting group that will cheer you on
  • A special Momentum Session forum, dedicated to your group
  • All the motivation and inspiration you need to succeed

Don’t Go It Alone

When challenges come up or your results seem to plateau, it will help to have someone in your corner. With each momentum session, you will:

Think Greater Than You Feel

Everyone shows up to the call as the best version of them, ready to give and receive encouragement.

Share Wins

Celebrate positive experiences and find more motivation as you hear others’ wins.

Check In and Discuss

Each week will have an assignment to discuss. You can also type in questions at any time.

Create Accountability

Set yourself up for a powerful next week with commitments and areas you’re excited about.

The Most Effective Accountability to Ensure Your Total Healing

Here’s what you’ll get with a coaching group:

12 Weekly Group Coaching Calls Via Video Call

  • Share your wins and challenges
  • Get coaching to overcome blocks from qualified, expert coaches
  • Find encouragement and accountability

Curated Coaching Groups

  • Share your progress and any tools or resources that have helped you
  • Access people who understand what you’re going through and cheer you on

A Private Group Forum for Your Group

  • Connect with others who have experienced similar challenges
  • Ask questions or get feedback any time via the post feature

“I appreciate the group calls!”

“I’ve found the program very engaging, inspiring, and easy to follow. I like the way the program incorporates various aspects of brain retraining, relaxation, and joy. I appreciate all the articles sent and the group calls. I would highly recommend this program.”

Amy G., Los Angeles

Momentum Coaching Schedule

Momentum Groups Meet Weekly at the same time each week, for 12 weeks

Meeting Time

Start Date

End Date

Thursdays 10am PST (1pm EST)

May 4th

July 20th

Wednesdays, 12pm PST (3pm EST)

May 24th

August 9th

Tuesdays 9am PST (12pm EST)

June 13th

Sept 5th

Wednesdays, 5pm PST (8pm EST)

July 5th

Sept 20th

Thursdays 4pm PST (7pm EST)

August 3rd

Oct 19th

Space is Limited!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Momentum Coaching is offered as an adjunct to the full re-origin neuroplasticity program. If you have not yet purchased and viewed the video program, please click here to purchase the program.


Momentum groups are expert-led, curated coaching groups that meet weekly for motivation & accountability to help you stay the course and get the best results with re-origin®.
No, it’s not a support group. Support groups are the place to talk about ailments, symptoms, pains, and upsets. Coaching groups are the place to focus on progress, wins, possibilities, and next steps. We’ll reinforce your rewiring work on each call and inside the forum.
Each Momentum Session meets via video call once a week for 12 weeks (3 months).
Each session is about an hour long.
Yes, it is required that you watch all of the training videos before you join group coaching.
Anyone who has completed the re-origin® training and can commit to positive and encouraging communication on each call.
We’re not able to record and share each session, but you can add any questions you had to the forum for response and dicussion. A summary of the session will be posted in the community forum so you can stay on track.
We will do our best to accommodate! Contact us directly to work through scheduling conflicts.

Why Stay Isolated in Your Healing Journey?

Find the emotional encouragement, connection, and motivation to stay on track and trust the process.