Group Coach for Anxiety & Illness Recovery

Job details


$100~$125 per hour-long coaching session 

Job Type

Hourly – 1 or more hours per week (depending on the number of coaching groups) 

Work Location


Full Job Description is seeking a positive and uplifting coach/teacher to facilitate weekly, hour-long group coaching zoom sessions. re-origin helps people struggling with chronic anxiety, depression, PTSD or other chronic health issues (fatigue, sensitivities, pain syndrome, etc) rewire neural pathways associated with a hyperactive stress response so that their symptoms can dissipate so that they can ultimately heal. 

In addition to our online science-based neuroplasticity training course, an important component to our member’s healing success is their participation in weekly group coaching calls held over zoom. – These calls, called Momentum Sessions are all aimed at supporting people to use the program to its fullest and stay positive, enthusiastic, engaged, and accountable. We already have a solid framework for the sessions in place and we will provide you with the full neuroplasticity training course to view as part of your onboarding material. 

The ideal candidate 

  • You have 4+ years of experience facilitating groups or workshops 
  • You have experience leading online groups via zoom (or other conference platforms) 
  • Always uplifting, empathic, supportive & encouraging – People feel light and enthusiastic in your presence. 
  • You understand the unique challenges that our members are facing (anxiety, illness, depression, etc) but do not dwell there. 
  • You’re able to keep conversations flowing in a positive direction and bring them back quickly whenever they go toward complaining or a fear-based place 
  • You have a toolkit of fun & engaging mood elevation exercises that anyone can do over zoom 
  • You are passionate about helping people realize their own power, and keep focused on their abilities as opposed to limitations 
  • BONUS – You have an understanding of neuroplasticity and limbic system ‘brain retraining’ 


  • View the re-origin video course and coaching onboarding materials (about 8hrs – unpaid, program will be provided to you for free) 
  • Facilitate one-hour coaching groups 
  • Post a short summary of each session in the group’s forum after the coaching call 
  • Check-in with your group’s forum weekly, keep people encouraged and answer any questions 

How to apply 

If this sounds like you, then please complete this application form and a member of the re-origin team will be in touch with you if you qualify. 

Application Form link: