It takes a village to build healing momentum… and our village is epic.

The only thing better than realizing you can heal yourself... is meeting awesome people who are already doing it.

When you join the re-origin® program, you’ll automatically enter the club of super-powered self-healers who want you to succeed.

Rewire your brain. Reset your system. Reclaim your life.

We’re here for your journey

This is the place to discover the unstoppable, super-powerful version of you… and be reminded by people who have been where you are.

Think Greater

As you see others’ lives transform, their success will encourage yours.

Feel Understood

Connect with a community that understands the journey of chronic illness and cheers you on.

Overcome Challenges

Get through the tough parts of recovery and gain skills to deal with challenges in the future.

Avoid Self-Sabotage

With accountability, you can more easily stick with your daily exercises even when you’re busy.

“Like pep-rallies of support!”

“I loved the group coaching sessions because they’re like pep-rallies of support, and I got to bond with people who are in similar life situations as I am – it’s really nice to have that camaraderie!”

Debra O., OR


The community is a robust forum with curated discussion groups, topical threads, live weekly Q&A events, and unparalleled resources – all available in a mobile app or through your favorite web browser.

You’ll see them on each group coaching call if you join Momentum Groups. You can also post discussion topics in the forum and discuss with others there.

You can remain anonymous if you wish. Everything is private, and everyone in the groups has been through challenges. Our community has a culture of empathy and positivity only, so you can feel safe.

No, it’s not a support group. Support groups are the place to talk about ailments, symptoms, pains, and upsets. Coaching groups are the place to focus on progress, wins, possibilities, and next steps. We’ll reinforce your rewiring work on each call and inside the forum.

Discover the best part of re-origin... Our people and their incredible stories of transformation.

This is a place of acceptance and empowerment. Ready to meet your people?