12 Weekly Momentum Group Coaching Sessions



Benefits of Momentum Sessions Include:

  • Increased accountability and consistency
  • Improved program understanding & adherence
  • Be part of an uplifting group that will cheer you on
  • A special Momentum Session forum, dedicated to your group
  • All the motivation and inspiration you need to succeed

“Every Wednesday night, I participated in the group coaching session and they were really wonderful because it was super positive. It focused on what was going well in your life! – Also, hearing everybody’s experience was really great and seeing the progress of everybody. I think that’s really encouraging and everybody kind of became each other’s cheerleader, which you need when you’re going through this. You definitely need those cheerleaders, those champions that are going to push you through!”

– Theresa G

PLEASE NOTE: Momentum Coaching is offered as an adjunct to the full re-origin neuroplasticity program. If you have not yet purchased and viewed the video program, please visit this page to get started.

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