re-origin Team

Scott Sullivan

President & CEO

Scott has amassed extensive expertise through a lifelong commitment to continuous learning regarding the intricacies of various operational mechanisms. His professional journey has encompassed leadership roles across multiple enterprises, with a primary focus on the healthcare sector.

Scott's exceptional leadership acumen is deeply ingrained in his diverse background, initially cultivated during his tenure as a Marine Corps Tank Commander, where he not only traversed the globe but also forged enduring relationships. Armed with degrees in Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Business Management, and International Economics, Scott exemplifies a relentless pursuit of leveraging cutting-edge technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, to address the most formidable challenges within the healthcare domain. Specifically, his endeavors have centered around pioneering initiatives in Telemedicine, Telehealth, and, more recently, the nuanced realm of Waterborne Bacteria and associated diseases.

Scott, a passionate advocate for health advancement, encountered significant challenges two years ago when he contracted a severe case of COVID-19. Unfortunately, he experienced lingering symptoms associated with Long Covid, prompting him to seek alternative treatments like re-origin. This shift highlights the growing importance of exploring innovative approaches to managing health conditions that arise from complex illnesses like COVID-19.