Reclaim Your Health by Rewiring Your Brain

Cutting Edge Neuroplasticity Program Backed by Science
Reduce Anxiety
Stop Pain & Fatigue
Diminish Chronic Illness
Address Sensitivities
Increase Energy

Feeling discouraged about your persistent symptoms?

re-origin® can help you dramatically reduce anxiety and diminish a wide range of symptoms that stem from chronic inflammation and stress. It’s possible, it works, and it can make a difference in as little as 30 days.

Why choose re-origin?

  • Reduce anxiety & stress
  • Restore health & homeostasis
  • Increase energy & wellbeing
  • Improve focus & productivity
  • Break free and heal from “self-perpetuating inflammatory conditions:”
    • Sensitivities (food, chemical, EMF)
    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
    • Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain
    • Lyme Disease
    • Post Viral Fatigue & Long-Haul COVID
  • General overwhelm, burnout & depression

If you’ve tried everything and you still feel like you’ve blown a fuse... your body and brain may be stuck in bad habits.

Did you know that your brain has habits of responses just like you can form a habit to walk your dog or brush your teeth?

When the body has learned to be on high alert for stressors and symptoms (from trauma or stress), it can learn to automatically and repeatedly overreact to stimuli.

This leaves you with over-the-top sensitivities, fatigue, anxiety or depression, and even chronic illness.

It’s not you – you’re not broken. It’s your brain.


You have an incredible super power... It is called Neuroplasticity

It’s called neuroplasticity, and it’s your brain’s ability to change and improve both its structure and function with the use of deliberate “brain rewiring” exercises that you can do yourself.

When we give our brains daily instructions to respond in a different way, our natural response will slowly change.

You’ve already done it before…

– If you used to be afraid of the dark, and learned to be ok with it… you used neuroplasticity.

– If you hated flying, but now you can jet around easily… you used neuroplasticity.

It is now a scientific fact that the human brain is capable of changing and even generating new neurons at any age.

Why do I know it’s possible? Because I lived it...

I get how overwhelming it can be to struggle with a condition.

I had debilitating Lyme Disease that kept me from working and attacked my brain.

I felt like I was wasting away – until I started practicing neuroplasticity techniques. I was able to train my brain back to its fully functioning state in 8 months, and I want you to have the tools to do the same.

You do have the power to change the signals your brain fires to your body… away from inflammation, anxiety, and pain. I’ve seen incredible transformations in our community, and I want you to know there is hope.

Meet The Brain Trust™ & re-origin Team

This program is designed by experts and people who have lived through transformation.

Ben Ahrens, Co-founder & CEO of re-origin®

See Ben’s TED talk on how he used Neuroplasticity to heal from Lyme Disease & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dr. Ken Gorfinkle, Ph.D. Psychology Advisor on the re-origin® Brain TrustTM

Dr. Ken is a Clinical Psychologist in New York.

Dr. Kelly Kent, Ph.D. Neuroscience Advisor on the re-origin® Brain TrustTM

Dr. Kelly is Neuroscience Consultant and Founder of the Master Mind Institute.

“The re-origin® technique is basically teaching the brain to make new associations with an existing set of triggers. Adaptive change is possible even with the things that seem the most difficult and the most insurmountable

—Dr. Kelly Kent

How it works

When you retrain your brain to respond differently to stimuli, you undo the basis of the problem. You take back the power to self-manage and self-heal.

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Watch the neuroplasticity training program
(6 sessions – self paced)

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Practice the exercises
(30 minutes per day)

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Join weekly group coaching calls, live Q&As and online events

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Watch the neuroplasticity training program (6 sessions – self paced)
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Practice the exercises (30 minutes per day)
weekly group icon
Join weekly group coaching calls, live Q&As and online events

re-origin has been featured in:

Neuroplasticity Training Has Worked in Amazing Ways:

Check out the results from these two studies:

Anxiety/Depression Study

Anxiety/Depression Study​


reduction in Anxiety


reduction in Depression


increase in overall sense of welling

Pain Study

Pain Study​


of subjects are fully pain free!


of subjects experienced improvement

What You’ll Learn

How chronic conditions form (and how you’ll break the cycle)

You’ll hear from experts on the subject of psycho-neuro-immunology (how the mind affects the immune system) and learn to repattern vicious cycles of disease into virtuouse circles designed for lifelong health.

You’ll stop expending all of your energy managing your condition, and instead, learn to “set the stage” for healing and recovery to naturally occur.

How to calm your racing mind now and break anxiety loops
(without meditation)

Learn to quickly identify, reorient, rewire & replace your negative thought loops with feelings of relaxation and joy in seconds, not months or years, with our powerful neuroplasticity techniques.

Practices like meditation are great for helping us “get back to baseline” – But living a full life requires us to go beyond just the baseline and encounter old triggers, with newfound tools and skills.

How to relax your nervous system while elevating your mood (without medication)

Most of us learn to associate “boosting your mood” with expending more energy. If you’re already exhausted, this can be a real problem. re-origin® teaches you to tap into and expand your existing reservoir of feel-good neurochemistry, while deepening your state of relaxation and recovery.

You’ll support and allow your brain’s natural ‘feel-good’ hormones and chemicals such as: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins to replenish without dependence on any outside source.

How to improve your natural health and immunity, and be more resilient to stress

A systematic approach to rewiring the limbic system and building back your wellness, based on real scientific evidence and decades of clinical results.

How to “wire in” positive shifts with the science of small wins

Solidify your positive results using proven methods for sustaining long-term changes such as incremental training and systematic desensitization.

Transform your “threat response” to a “challenge-response” and learn to stay calm and cool under pressure

Whereas the traditional “stress response” primes us for fight or flight – new research finds that the “challenge response” primes the system for growth and recovery. This has even been termed, post-traumatic growth – and it’s a skill that you can actually train. This type of stress can even enhance how your mind and body feel, function and perform under pressure.

Why This Program is Different

When you remove the incorrect signals from your brain, your body will return to its natural state of health.

It’s Backed by Science

The techniques you’ll learn were developed with the help of scientists, experts, and published studies on neuroplasticity.

You’re Never Alone

We offer an uplifting community of people like you, who understand what it’s like to have a chronic condition and will cheer you on.

It Works Over and Over

You can use these techniques for the rest of your life, to assist with any challenge or big goal.

Inside the Course

Hear how others have recovered from a wide range of conditions using the neuroplasticity training
Get a course overview

This section shows the latest neuroscience research on “overactive stress responses” and how it’s absolutely possible to reset your nervous system by rewiring your brain!

 You’ll learn:

  1. 1. The role of the limbic system in illness & anxiety 
  2. 2. Dr. Dan Siegel’s Hand-Brain model 
  3. 3. The key structures and functions of the limbic system 
  4. 4. The limbic system trauma loops and how these conditions form: 
    • PTSD 
    • General Anxiety 
    • Depression 
    • Sensitivities (food, chemical, emf) 
    • Lyme Diseases 
    • Chronic Pain Syndrome & Fibromyalgia  
  5. 5. How to map out your own limbic loops and create a roadmap back to health 
  6. 6. A Neuroscientist’s explanation of neuroplasticity and why EVERYONE’s brain is capable of healing 
  7. 7. How Alyson beat anxiety & burnout using the re-origin program

At this stage, you will learn the neurocognitive exercises that will become the cornerstone of your daily rewiring practice:

  1. 1. Introduction to the main re-origin retraining techniques 
  2. 2. The Longform (5 step) Brain Retraining Technique 
  3. 3. How to reinforce your results for lasting change 
  4. 4. The Quick Technique – use this anywhere in the moment when you need it 
  5. 5. Demonstrations: How to apply the re-origin techniques for: 
    • Social anxiety 
    • Pain and fatigue 
    • Burnout & Depression 
    • Chemical Sensitivities 
    • General anxiety, overwhelm 
  6. 6. How to customize the program to your specific symptomology 
  7. 7. How body language shapes who you are 

At this stage, you will learn to employ gradual exposure and practice systematically to desensitize yourself from your toughest triggers: 

  1. 1. What is incremental training or systematic desensitization? 
  2. 2. The science behind why and how it works 
  3. 3. How to find your “sweet spot” and stay in your zone (not become overwhelmed) 
  4. 4. Create your own customized “exposure hierarchy” and learn to make progress  in a way that is sustainable for you 
  5. 5. How to achieve your most ambitious goals (one step at a time) through incremental training
At this stage, you will learn to apply specific tools to calm the nervous system and elevate mood, and take back control of your own brain chemistry: 
  1. 1. Learn to balance exertion and recovery through the science of polarity 
  2. 2. How to “boost your mood” WHILE relaxing your body and feel rejuvenated 
  3. 3. How you can prime neuroplasticity to make it even more effective 
  4. 4. The Mood Elevation Toolkit – your go-to for a recharge 
  5. 5. The Hidden Power of Smiling 
  6. 6. How to create your own optimal toolkit for increasing dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin & endorphins at will
At this stage, you will learn the skills needed to sustain your recovery over the long term, in spite of new obstacles. You will also discover the best ways too stay the course and retrain your brain and body to be resilient for the rest of your life!  
  1. 1. The re-origin mindset – how to turn challenges and obstacles into opportunities for growth and happiness 
  2. 2. The Day Framing Journal – A neuroscience-based journaling process for shifting your brain’s old “negativity bias” into a power filter for positive feelings and sensations. 
  3. 3. The Ideal Day Formula – Condition yourself back to health & happiness with these simple daily steps and activities 
  4. 4. Rewire, reset, rediscover – You again. 
  5. 5. Finding joy in the process of healing & recovery 
  6. 6. You are not alone. The re-origin community has your back – Like ships on the sea, we all rise together! 

“I have enthusiasm and hope again.”

re-origin® has helped me to start my life over with enthusiasm and hope. I now know I can change my thought patterns and, therefore, I can change my entire life and destiny.”

Debra O., Portland, OR

re-origin: The Power to Change Your Body’s Responses and Finally Feel Like YOU Again.

If you’re tired of the old way...

  • Keep trying different methods that don’t fully help
  • Anxiety and depression when you don’t know what to do next
  • Let the fears of the past and future control your present
  • Prolong the half-life of stress chemicals in your body
  • Feel like no one understands you, or they all think “you’re fine”
  • Settle for an unwell version of yourself
  • Let thoughts of your condition consume your day

And ready for a whole new possibility of health...

  • Take the power back to heal yourself
  • Feel liberated and unstuck from patterns of poor health
  • Feel the hope that you can change your body
  • Stop feeling trapped and overwhelmed by your symptoms
  • Give your body the signals it needs to let go of the stress and inflammation chemicals
  • Feel enthusiastic about life again – it’s no longer a struggle!
  • Become better equipped to deal with challenges in the future
  • Connect with a community that understands the journey of chronic illness and cheers you on

...Then it’s time to take the leap into a new set of tools and a community ready to transform together.

See What Others Like You Have Experienced...

You’re not stuck with illness.

Give yourself the gift of understanding how your brain works and undoing the stimuli at the root of your symptoms.

Start rewiring now with our Free Introductory 30-day Trial