The REINFORCE package includes:

– The re-origin Neuroplasticity Video Training Course
– 12 Weeks of Dedicated Small Group Coaching
– 3 One-on-One Sessions with a Certified Coach

One year access to the re-origin program and community

– Six interactive modules, specially designed worksheets, and self-assessments
– All in an organized & easy to use Mobile App (also available on web)
– Evidence-based neuroplasticity training methodologies validated by a science advisory board of expert psychologists and Ph.D. neuroscientists

Community with professionally moderated discussion forums

– A community of individuals who share your experience and are motivated and ready to finally and fully heal!
– Connect with others through a curated, uplifting & hope-inspiring community forum

Live weekly Q&A sessions to keep you motivated and to stay on track

– Tune in live on zoom each week for “Ask Ben” sessions and have your questions answered about the program and your progress.

12 Weekly Small Group Coaching “Momentum Sessions”

– Motivation & accountability through our curated positive weekly “momentum group”       coaching calls where individuals can truly feel connected to each other as they pursue this path of rewiring together.
– Weekly group coaching zoom calls with a dedicated coach and other re-origin members.
– Includes a dedicated private group forum to chat, share wins, and tips and receive weekly accountability check-ins to reinforce your retraining.

3 One-on-One Coaching Sessions

– 1-hour (each) with a certified coach to help you reinforce your retraining
– Spaced out Monthly
– Includes 2 progress reports

Still trying to decide if re-origin is right for you?

One of our expert coaches will answer all your questions