Our Editorial Process

At re-origin, our mission is unwavering: to provide you with the most accurate, trustworthy, and accessible information regarding your health and well-being. Through meticulous research performed by top credentialed medical experts with decades of experience in their fields, we aim to be the most trusted thought leader in the rapidly emerging scientific field of self-directed neuroplasticity and its potential application to a multitude of chronic inflammatory health conditions. 

It is important to note that neuroplasticity and applied neuroscience is an emerging field in medicine and health with new research continuously coming to light. Given the nature of this unique field, we’ve taken great measures to partner with leading medical experts and renowned neuroscientists to ensure that all information is as up-to-date and accurate as possible.  

Our editorial approach is central to fulfilling this promise, ensuring each piece you read here stands up to the highest scrutiny. 

Understanding Our Editorial Process: How We Provide Accurate & Trustworthy Information
Your health journey is profoundly personal, and to assist you through it, our content needs to be both reliable and resonant. With the ever-growing wave of online information, it’s essential to discern what’s valuable from what’s noise, and what’s truthful from potentially harmful or misleading information. re-origin aims to be your trustworthy health compass in the neuroplasticity (aka “Brain Retraining”) space.

Our content strives to be:

  • Empowering: Information that doesn't overwhelm, but encourages proactive health decisions.
  • Trustworthy: Rooted in evidence, ensuring that every piece is underpinned by the latest scientific peer-reviewed research.
  • Compassionate: Beyond being just accurate, we endeavor to be your empathetic companion, striving to present every piece with a tone that's both authoritative and caring.
  • Easy-to-Understand: We're passionate about breaking down complex topics and jargon, and providing you with accessible and actionable insights.

Embracing Diversity
We recognize the richness and importance of diverse voices. At re-origin, our commitment is to serve all, regardless of race, gender, age, or background. We engage with a diverse group of customers, writers, experts, and creators, ensuring our content is not only holistic but also inclusive.

Editorial Team & Content Integrity
Ensuring quality content is a collaborative effort. Our editorial team is comprised of relevant health professionals who maintain subject matter expertise, have personal experience with our unique topics, and have, at one time or another, been a member of our audience themselves. 

Additionally, our team collaborates on every piece with Ph.D.-level scientists and medically credentialed subject-matter experts to guarantee accuracy and relevance. Each article you read has passed through rigorous scrutiny - fact-checked, reviewed, and approved prior to publishing. Only then is a piece given the “medically reviewed” stamp of approval. This comprehensive approach is rooted in our commitment to serve you better.

Subject-Matter Expertise
The voices that guide our content are not just writers—they are experts in their respective fields. Whether they are physicians, medical journalists, or patient advocates, their dual prowess in understanding intricate medical topics and communicating them simply ensures the content is both credible and comprehensible.

Reliability of Sources & Citations:
We are adamant about backing our content with primary and reputable sources. All claims are checked against peer-reviewed journals, renowned medical associations, government-approved websites, and credible academic institutions. To maintain trust, our sourcing is transparent and consistent.

Oversight by Our Medical Expert Advisory Board
Our Medical Expert Board is our content's final gatekeeper. This assembly of esteemed physicians ensures each article is in line with the latest medical knowledge. Every piece, before publication, is endorsed by a board-certified physician whose expertise aligns with the content's theme.

Evolution of Information
In the realm of health, information evolves. We're committed to ensuring our content is always updated. Should there be new findings, our articles are revised, validated, and re-certified by our expert board.

Originality and Independence
At re-origin, we prioritize original content. Borrowing from others is against our ethos. All pieces are authentic, researched, and written specifically for our platform, ensuring you receive unique insights. Moreover, our content remains uninfluenced by external affiliations, ensuring impartiality and honesty.

Content Creation Transparency & Use of AI

While every piece of content on our platform is conceived of and concluded with a solely human touch, our editorial team may at times elect to use well-vetted best-in-class AI tools for very specific purposes such as:

  • Grammar and spell check
  • Helping to ensure accessibility of language through improved phrasing and word choice
  • Assistance in distilling complex topics into accurate insights that are more easily understood and enjoyable to read.

Connect with re-origin
Your feedback propels us forward. Should you wish to share thoughts, clarify doubts, or address concerns, we’re here to listen. Please contact us at: support@re-origin.com

Remember, as you navigate the complex terrains of neuroplasticity, inflammation, and overall health, Re-Origin is here, aiming to be your most trusted guide.

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