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This is the place to discover the unstoppable, super-powerful version of you… and be reminded by people who have been where you are.

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re-origin program features

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Purpose of
the program

Six interactive modules, specially designed worksheets, and


All in an organized & easy to use mobile app (also available

on web)

Evidence-based neuroplasticity training methodologies

validated by a science advisory board of expert

psychologists and Ph.D. neuroscientists

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Group Coaching

A community of individuals who share your experience and are motivated and ready to finally and fully heal!
Connect with others through a curated, uplifting & hopeinspiring community forum.

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Weekly Live Q&As

Tune in live on Zoom each week for “Ask Ben” sessions and have your questions answered about the program and your progress.

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Online Events

12 weekly 1-hour calls with your same group. Includes a private dedicated forum to share your wins and keep the progress going.

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Some Of Our
Past Events


Brain-based Movement with Elisabeth Kristof

Elisabeth Kristof

human in field

Live Q&A with Dr. Ken Gorfinkle

Dr. Kenneth Gorfinkle

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Calming the Nervous System with Cathy Riva

Cathy Riva

hologram of a globe on a hand

SYSTEM RESET with Gene Monterastelli (of Tapping Q&A)

Gene Monterastelli

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Moderated Discussion Groups

When you join the re-origin® program, you’ll automatically enter the club of super-powered self-healers who want you to succeed.

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Ongoing Support

Tune in to live on zoom each week for “Ask Ben” sessions and have your questions answered about the program and your progress.

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Connect with a community that understands the journey of chronic illness and cheers you on.


Think Greater

As you see others’ lives transform, their success will encourage yours.


Overcome Challenges

Get through the tough parts of recovery and gain skills to deal with challenges in the future.


Avoid Self-Sabotage

With accountability, you can more easily stick with your daily exercises even when you’re busy.

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Give yourself the
gift of understanding

Break the cycle
of illness.

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