re-origin Team

Ben Ahrens

Co-Founder & CIO


Driven by his lifelong fascination for human health and healing, Ben is utilizing his expertise in health innovation to empower others to self-heal with brain retraining at re-origin.

Ben Ahrens has consistently sought out new solutions and innovations to help humanity regain and optimize its health. Over the years, Ben’s path has led him through many areas of health including serving as a celebrity and professional athlete fitness consultant. During this period, Ben learned firsthand the incredible ability of the body to repair itself. Next, he took on the role of Executive Vice President at Innovative Medicine in New York, a provider of cutting-edge health therapies. While at Innovative Medicine, Ben dedicated himself to expanding education for clinical practitioners in advanced biological medicine with an emphasis on chronic illness recovery.

A soulful, insightful storyteller (see his TEDx talk), Ben powerfully distills complex ideas into compelling, succinct messages.

Featured as a speaker and organizer at dozens of health and medical conferences globally, as well as being a certified practitioner in applied neuroscience bioenergetics, holistic health, and integrative nutrition, Ben has an intimate understanding of how to support people who desire changes to their body, mind, or spirit. Ben is an avid surfer who’s always searching the planet for the next perfect wave.